Protospheric® Products, Inc. (PPI), is a product development services company that has developed materials and processes for disposable gloves and personal protective equipment. The company is focused on developing an innovative portfolio of disposable protection products for a range of industries that require these for employees and customers. Our goal is to become a market leader in the development of cost-effective and innovative solutions that directly improve workplace safety for millions of workers around the world.

Our technology is superior to existing disposable glove products and handles unmet needs for disposable gloves. This novel line of disposable gloves provides an economical and highly effective solution in most industries that use disposable gloves. We provide only products which are environmental friendly, effective and safe.

Dr Kevin Sorrels, DDS, formed the company with a team of high caliber members including; business and legal experts, engineers, testing labs, dental/medical advisers, toxicologists, industrial safety advisors, chemists, manufacturing, quality and regulatory experts. Together we have completed extensive material development, evaluation, testing and certification to assure the best solutions for disposable gloves.

These low cost, revolutionary products provide a superior barrier for hand protection with liquid and chemical resistance uses in many industry applications.

PPI’s Market Channels consist of direct retail sales, Distributors / Suppliers and Wholesale sales direct from the factory. Market funnels are established with the following:

  • Retail Customers utilizing Amazon direct sales.
  • B2B Distributor Customers activities include direct to distributor.
  • Wholesale Customers with wholesale pricing for large volume orders direct from the factory.

#gloves#disposablegloves#polygloves#nitrilegloves #examinationgloves #wholesaler #ppe #staysafe #NHS The Most popular Safety Stretch Poly Gloves in 30 ct. Hang Bags and 100 ct. Boxes are now available in Large Retail Stores and Groceries. These new durable, tear and chemical resistant Food Safety, Cleaning Safety Multipurpose and Automotive Shop Poly Gloves are currently available for your customers needs. We appreciate the opportunity to provide these new products and we are available to assist.

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