Vinyl Free • Latex-Free • Powder-Free • Non Toxic

Breach protection with enhanced durability for cut, tear, and leak prevention while maintaining tactility and flexibility.

Light Duty Culinary Gloves are a cost effective new alternative for food preparation and culinary services.

  • Meets FDA Requirements for Food Contact
  • Cut & Tear Resistant
  • OSHA compliance for employers
  • Economical, reusable, easily slips on & off, for grilling cleaning & management

HEAVY DUTY DISPOSABLE GLOVES NO MORE GLOVE WASHING – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, backed by our 30 day money back manufacturer guarantee.

Choose which side of the hand needs more protection, the palm or the back of the hand. The gloves are worn with the dark-colored protection against the side of the hand that requires more protection.

Independent-Laboratory Tested –The gloves were independent-laboratory tested and have achieved ISO Level A (ASTM level A1) for cut resistance and ISO EN 388 level 2 for tear resistance. The gloves are vastly more tear resistant than the Nitrile Exam Gloves.

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