Vinyl Free • Latex-Free • Powder-Free • Non Toxic

Working around petroleum products and other harsh chemicals requires added protection.

These Stretch Poly SHOP Glove provides tough protection with a great feel and handling. They are made from a clean, non-toxic, polyethylene LDPE plastic which is both stretchable – remarkably
tough – and significantly less expensive than nitrile.

We have packaged these gloves for easy retail appeal to the home mechanic/DIYer as well as massive multi-bay shops – so everyone can be confident in protecting themselves from harmful substances.

TOUGHER and LOWER COST than Nitrile!

  • Helps Prevent Exposure to Chemicals
  • Tougher than Nitrile
  • Cooler Stretch Fit
  • Easy On/Off
  • Secure Textured Grip
  • Nontoxic Material
  • Disposable for Easy Cleanup

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