Culinary Gloves offer superior “Barrier Protection” for food service and are FDA approved for food contact in the light duty gloves. They fill the gap between the Vinyl, and Latex/Nitrile Gloves.

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Work Gloves are a durable, reusable alternative to the current disposable gloves that provide a barrier for most harsh household and industry chemicals.

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“Our mission is to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions that directly improve safety and health for you, and millions around the world, in the field of disposable protective equipment, utilizing state of the art laboratory product testing and smart business technology.”

Protospheric® Products, Inc. was formed by Dr Kevin Sorrels, a dentist who was stuck by a sharp instrument while performing an operative procedure on a patient. He formed the company with a team of high caliber professionals, and developed the economical, patented, thin, touch sensitive, breech resistant disposable glove that protects you… from sharp instruments, contamination and infection, revolutionizing the disposable glove industry by changing the standards for protection.

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