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for Retail

Protospheric’s ready-for-retail packaging has enjoyed great success since being introduced with two major brand grocers and discount retail distributors.

Customers continue to be pleased to find a low cost solution with the quality they expect.

We are able to supply product in bulk with terrific price points and promotion incentives.


for Corporate

We are also positioned to work with companies to meet their operating budgets while improving employee satisfaction and compliance.

Whole or partial containers can be special ordered to meet the demands of any operation.

This is also an opportunity to enhance your position as an eco concsious business – using a disposable with a more sustainabe footprint, ethically sourced.


Custom QuantitiesColorsLengthsPackaging

cutom order options for disposable gloves

Supporting Documentation Available On Request:
Complete Glove Comparison Presentation Folder
PPI Glove Comps to Vinyl Glove
PPI Glove Comps to Nitrile Glove
Viral/Bacteria Penetration Report
Sustainability Report
Social Audit Report

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