Best Disposable Gloves for Home Use
Home Cleaning

After reading through scores of customer reviews on disposable gloves recommended for home use, some trends emerged.

Here’s a sample:

“These are hard to use as they tear so easily. there is absolutely no stretch at all.”

“So far I have ripped through them every time I used them.”

“It broke while I was cleaning the cat litter box.”

“Breaks easily from the most minor abrasion. Not tough at all.”

“$20 for 100 gloves is outrageous.”

“Good but cmon man these are too expensive.”

Of course, food prep is one large category of use. Other home users look for a glove that keeps dye from leaking through onto their hands. Others want one that holds up to household cleaning chemicals or paint without breaking down. A number want to use them when working on cars or doing light gardening. And then there’s the cat litter box.

Consumers continue to write they need a tough glove that doesn’t tear easily. They also want a good fit, not too tight or loose. More than a few noted some gloves liquefy in their hands when using paints or solvents. Naturally, they want the product to be reasonably priced.

Large glove makers with big ad budgets pay home improvement experts for their endorsements. While these endorsements are probably given in good faith, it comes down to home users’ experiences to determine if the claims hold up.

With the sharp increase in disposable glove use, projected to nearly double in the next seven years, ads plugging “the best glove” pepper internet web pages. The most featured material in these ads is nitrile (synthetic rubber). Nitrile represents the greatest share of the overall market, including for home use. It is also the most expensive material.

But nitrile has an essential characteristic that users detail in review after review. And that is this – nitrile tears easily and too frequently. Still, it remains the most popular choice for home use, due in part to the dollars poured into sending consumers in that direction. But, when it doesn’t hold up, customers are disappointed with a pricey product that failed to perform.

Nearly all professional review sites citing their top pick for home users write it’s one type of nitrile glove or the other. But, in their survey of gloves to test, one that is proven to surpass nitrile in performance is overlooked. This glove material dovetails with the qualities consumers say they want.

What is this glove?

It’s the Protospheric Stretch Poly Glove.

After years of putting up with tear-prone nitrile gloves, a medical professional conceived a tear-resistant, stretchable material much less expensive than nitrile. Subjected to independent lab tests, it proved to be ten times more resistive to tears than nitrile.

Protospheric Gloves are also more resistant to common chemicals that can degrade or dissolve nitrile.

This glove dependably performs all the tasks listed by home users with a durability the more expensive nitrile can’t match.